Fundacja Polsat

About us

The POLSAT Foundation makes continuous effort to improve the quality of the healthcare for young patients in Poland. We organize large, national campaigns to raise money for medical equipment needed in hospitals and health centers for children.

Unfortunately, the Public Healthcare System does not provide patients in need with proper care. The POLSAT Foundation saves children’s lives and helps with financing the treatment and rehabilitation. Without its assistance, the young patients would lose their chance of recovery.
We have helped 28,530 children during the period of the last 19 years. Until now, the POLSAT Foundation helped in financing medical care for children with the following health problems: cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, arthrogryposis, congenital hearing loss (hearing aids, FM systems), cancer (bone, lymphatic and circulatory systems, etc.), brittle bone disease, Rett syndrome, perinatal damages (treatment of damaged brachial plexus), renal disease, congenital heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.
We also, finance medical treatments, medications and therapies. We sponsor the renovation and modernization of medical facilities.


The POLSAT Foundation is unique in Poland in terms of large scale assistance in the financing of treatment and rehabilitation.

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